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Hotel Pearl Residency

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To delight our guests every time by creating engaging experiences straight from our heart. Consistent. Spic and Span rooms, adequately lighted lobbies, an ambient restaurants and , a pleasant welcoming reception area the hallmark of our Hotel Pearl Residency

Rendering Value Service

Our Hotel Pearl Residency is to be a people oriented, professional organization with a performance constantly bettering the best,  rendering value service in all our Hotel Pearl Residency managements.


All prime locations and transport conveniences are listed below for reference. Hotel pearl residency to nearest location for various places madurai,kodaikanal,chennai and dindigul. Distance

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Comfort and Service are of the highest levels…non-compromising and Consistent. Spic and Span rooms, adequately lighted lobbies, an ambient restaurants and , a pleasant welcoming reception area the hallmark of our hotel. Our staff are well-trained in the art of Hospitality…courtesy and kindliness are second nature to them.

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About Us

Hotel Pearl Residency is conveniently located in the heart of the city, close to the Temple, Shopping centers, Business centers, the Bus-stands and the Railway Station in Rameshwaram. It qualifies as the most ideal Hotel to stay in, giving all, the leisure traveller, the business traveller and the pilgrim, easy access to any place of interest to them.

Established in the year 2013, Hotel Pearl Residency is one of the best
integrated with a vision of par excellence, an illustrious past and
even a bigger future.

Hotel Pearl Residency provides an elegant setting for both business and
pleasure. All efforts are dedicated to providing luxurious comfort, modern
facilities and intuitive technology combined with exceptional, personalized
service. Everything is designed so as to be unobtrusive.

Most Recent Traveller Reviews

It was good experience to have stayed at the Pearl Residency while in Rameshwaram. It was value for money. We would certainly like to stay there if we happen to visit Rameshwaram again. The location is very suitable from the point of railway station, market, main temple. Also, the house of our beloved President of India, late Abdul Kalam ji is nearby which every Indian would like to visit and feel proud.


We have a host of truly special dining experiences, where fine fare and menus customised by our master chefs meet exquisite private settings.

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Hotel Pearl Residency in Rameswaram is number one hotel ranking among 19 hotels. Bsed on the 374 traveller reviews we are the review rating of out of five 4.5. We are the most prepared traveller choice accommodation in Rameswaram.

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Discover a hotel that defines a new dimension of luxury across the street from the ordinary, Find your Freedom!, Stay with us, and feel like home for dream holidays.